Birthname Æmnok
Gender female
Race Hvetshran
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Partner(s) Otkåü (husband)
Siuya (wife)
Children Qunao (son)
Revah (daughter)
Yantim (daughter)
Born 12th century, Sthn
Married around 1280, Sthn
Died 13th century, Sthn
Clan Sthn
Lifestyle clan
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour unknown
Height unknown

Æmnok is a Hvetshran huntress from Sthn and one of the two wives of clan leader Otkåü. She was the mother of clan later leader Qunao, but disapproved of his aggressive grasp to leadership. Apart from Qunao, she also had two daughters with Otkåü.


Æmnok was an early adult, leaving puberty soon but continuing growth until the average age. She therefore ended up quite tall. She was quickly known as a fast runner and a good huntress, who often lead hunting groups.

At age twenty-one or twenty-two, Æmnok started an unofficial relationship with Otkåü, because the two liked to hunt together. He however took a while to decide to finally marry her, as he also desired to marry the more feminine Siuya. She never objected her husband's desire to marry two women, as she took it as a sign he wanted to assure a line of descendants.

Once married, she gave birth to a son who was Otkåü's second child, Qunao. She also gave birth to respectively Revah and Yantim, the latter only being born a month before later clan leader ẞury.


Æmnok was known for having a strict but just personality. She showed only emotion to the people in her close environment. When someone had let her down, she would also exclude him or her from her circle of close relatives, treating him or her like a stranger from one day to the other.

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