Řøzaer, formerly Ciur, is the biggest and only active Hvetshran clan in North America. Its original population moved to present Alaska or Canada around the sixth century B.C.. A big part of current population however is from more recent migration waves, as part of the original inhabitants of Ciur have moved to form Ifřoy, Køan and Riex.



The first inhabitants of Ciur originated from Hvetshran of Russia, Asia and Scandinavia. They moved over the Bering Strait, from the Eurasian continent to North America, between eighth and fifth century B.C. to settle down around present Alaska or Yukon. The original population of this Hvetshran settlement was around fifty members, but by halfway fourth century B.C. it had already grown to one hundred and had adopted the name Ciur as clan name.

Known membersEdit

  • Hyo (ninth century)