Birthname ẞury
Gender male
Race Hvetshran
Mother Siuya
Father Otkåü
Siblings Qunao (older half-brother)
Partner(s) Taвiu
Born late 12th century in Sthn
Died 13th century in Sthn
Lifestyle clan
Scale colour azure blue to black
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour unknown
Height unknown

ẞury is a Hvetshran clan leader of the Russian clan Sthn who lived in the thirteenth century. Years after his decease, the clan was attacked by humans and lost many of its members.


Early ageEdit

ẞury was one of the younger children in a big family. His father did not choose a successor to his leadership, which resulted in two of ẞury's siblings fighting to death over the position after his father had died.

After the succession fight, the clan elite started rebelling against this new leadership. They eventually threatened and banned ẞury's brother. After the ritual refusal of his older sister and older brother's wife, who were both asked to take the position, ẞury was given the position at the age of only sixteen.


Soon after this, ẞury married his expelled brother's wife, because she had been pregnant and had pointed out the young Hvetshran leader – the two had a short affaire – as the father. ẞury however felt bad in the marriage.

Shortly after the birth of the child, ẞury was led into a trap by his own wife and his older brother, which nearly cost him his life. Three of Sthn's hunters, two siblings and ẞury's own cousin, had come to save him, but he kept wide scars over part of his chest and his left upper arm.


ẞury remarried only a year later with the hunter siblings' younger sister Taвiu, who had agreed to raising his niece with him.

Old ageEdit

ẞury was quite loved by his clan and asked not to pass on the leadership when he passed age sixty. He died at age seventy-four, passing on the clan leadership directly to his grandson.


ẞury had an azure blue skin, that was taken over by marine and black on his back, closer to the spine. When ẞury grew older, his azure skin remained blue, but the black parts lightened. When he died, this area was silverish. His clan members believed that it would have turned fully white if ẞury had lived long enough.