Birthname Disqer
Gender female
Race Hvetshran
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Siblings four younger siblings
Children Tamnun (son)
Born 16th century in Ceŋkø
Died 16th century in Blaux
Clan Ceŋkø
Lifestyle clan
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour unknown
Height unknown

Disqer is a Hvetshran female who was born in Ceŋkø. She lived in the sixteenth century and never married. She however became the mother of Tamnun after having an extramarital affair with one of her clan members, which caused her disgrace.


Disqer was born in the Ceŋkø clan as the oldest of four children, one of whom died at a rather young age. Her mother died when she was still rather young, and even though her father did her schooling, he often forgot to do it as he spent his time mostly entertaining his clan members and trying to obtain a position of higher status, something he never realised to do because of his careless nature and lack of motivation.

When Disqer was in her puberty, she was behind on education and tried catching up with extra attention from her fellow clan members, mostly leaving her sister alone to deal with their younger brother. Even before she had entered mature stage, she had a secret affair with a married clan member from which she became pregnant and ended up giving birth to a son whom she called Tamnun.

Not long after her son was born, she fell in disgrace due to her clan members finding out the identity of the child's father. She became depressed and sick, but decided to wait until Tamnun was old enough before she would move out of Ceŋkø. When the boy was four years old, she travelled to a couple of clans, eventually stopping in the Swiss clan Blaux, where the Hvetshran male Sreuhi agreed to take them in and even adopt the boy. Disqer however did not live very long after their arrival in Blaux.


Disqer is a historical figure, not a role-playing character.

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