The clan hierarchy is the arrangement of Hvetshran in levels of importance. Within a clan, the highest position is the clan leader, a male or female clan member who is chosen by their predecessor or ritually by the clan officials. The clan officials are positioned directly below the clan leader, and are usually the elders, warriors and hunters, or the spiritual leaders.

Standard hierarchyEdit

Clan leaderEdit

The clan leader can be both male or female, but it is slightly more likely for a successor to be of the same gender than of the opposite gender. This is due to matriarchic or patriarchic clans preferring to stick to one sex (female or male respectively).

A clan leader is usually chosen by his or her predecessor, who can choose whether to pass on the leadership or to keep it until his or her death. When no one is chosen or the clan officials disagree with the clan leader's choice, the clan remains without a leader until the officials ritually choose a successor.

Clan officialsEdit


Types of hierarchyEdit

One of the standard divisions in types of hierarchy, is the division between a matriarchy and patriarchy. This distinction, based upon whether the hierarchy is female- or male-dominated, is not permanent nor strict, as clans may shift from one to another over time.

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