Hvetshran Linguistics Explained is a book written by the hvetshrenulogist Mark J. Holly and published in 2002. In this book, Holly does not write primarly about Hvetshran linguistics, instead spending a major part of his book about what falls under or does not fall under hvetshrenulogy.


In his introduction, Mark J. Holly describes his own study and fascination of Hvetshrenu, language acquisition among the Hvetshran species and the hybrid language, Khujmül.

Using examples from the different aspects of language perception of the Hvetshran, seemingly assuming his readers are already familiar with the basics, Holly explains in the first seven chapters what Hvetshran linguistics might consist of. The following three compare with other sciences, while the last four handle the essence of hvetshrenulogy and why it should be classified differently than Hvetshran linguistics.


Reception of this book varied wildly among hvetshranologists and hvetshrenulogists, some of whom believe that hvetshranology already consists of too many sub-branches. However, a great part of the hvetshrenulogists have now considered that they must pick a side towards this claim of two separate studies, resulting in different terminology depending on the user.


There are suggestions that Mark J. Holly is planning on writing at least one sequel in this book. In first instance, a Hvetshran Linguistics Explained II would discuss Hvetshrenu, while later parts would for instance handle body language, Khujmül or Hvetshran acquisition of human languages in general.

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