The Hvetshran Wiki is the wiki about the Hvetshran species, a race that was created by Yatalu for textual role-play[1] purposes.

Hvetshran creationEdit

The creation of the Hvetshran species is older than the wiki, starting in late 2010 in the role-playing community of 3D Messenger IMVU where Yatalu was active under the username KooriHi. In order to provide an informational environment to let others read up on the species, she first made a Webs website on January 3rd, 2011, and later moved to Wikia. This wiki was created on July 13th, 2011.

Because of this, the Hvetshran Wiki is the primary, if not the only reliable source about the Hvetshran species on the entire internet. We also hope to remain this for much longer, as well as hope to keep expanding and improving the amount of information available to the public.

The wikiEdit

This wiki exists since July 13th, 2011 and has been growing ever since. Ever since January 2013, it is available in other languages and hit several milestones such as 50, 100 and 200 pages. It got personalized to a greater extent and now has its own identity and place within the Wikia community.

Other pages that contain wiki-related information to read up to are

Hvetshran Wiki:Policy, with the wiki rules,
Hvetshran Wiki:Crew, introducing the admin team,
Hvetshran Wiki:Administrators, that tells us what these admins can and can't do,
Hvetshran Wiki:Contribute and Hvetshran Wiki:Manual of Style, if you want to know where to start.

External links other than the ones already given, unfortunately, do not exist. However, empty pages of this story can be filled out by Yatalu, whose talk page you can always ask a question or make a remark on.

  1. Textual role-play is Play-by-Post RP. This means that the role-players type out their characters' actions in words.

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