Map of Japan.

There are no known living Hvetshran in Japan, due to the fact that they do not usually cross the sea independently. Either it requires them to sneak their way into human ships or planes that go there, or they need the knowledge to build a boat on their own that is strong enough to reach the Japanese coast.


First Hvetshran in Japan

In the several centuries of contact between the western countries and Asia, there are several Hvetshran who managed to set foot on Japanese shores. However, they had no choice but to live as solitary Hvetshran, could not rely on others in harsh times either, nor were familiar with the environment. Adaption was necessary to survive in the different conditions the country offered them, more even if they opted for the urban lifestyle in a society of which the people had a different behavior than they were used to.

Even though there is great possibility there have been before, the first known Hvetshran to have died in Japan got there as early as the sixteenth century. Her name was Kliyo and she entered the country from Russia, landing with an improvisory boat on the coast of Hokkaido. She was aged around twenty-two at that time, so she was physically able to survive for quite a while. Kliyo's older sister Røtyek attempted to travel after her the same year with a Portuguese ship, but failed as she was caught by humans and killed. Tamnun, a friend of Kliyo, succesfully managed to land on the Japanese coast through a Portuguese ship a couple of years after Røtyek's attempt.

Tamnun's searchEdit

The first years Tamnun was present in Japan, he took the life style of a wanderer, to travel around in his search for Kliyo. Throughout this time, he gradually started to live closer to Japanese villages to learn the Japanese language, so that he would find out if they had any news about Kliyo. After five years, when he was 27 years old, he found out that and where Kliyo was captured. He travelled to said place, but Kliyo was not there. Taking this risk, he instead got found and caught by villagers, who then kept him in a cage.

List of Hvetshran who have been in JapanEdit

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