A logbook is a book in which events and other important information is recorded. The Hvetshranologists' Logbook is the name given to the untitled logbook that Charles Sadler and Edward Cardwell kept during their search for traces of vampires and demonic creatures in Slovakia.

Day 1Edit

(Charles Sadler) – “We had left the village for an hour or two when we found a set of caves that are accessible to us with a little climbing. They are located inside the forest. We will not tell the native inhabitants what we discovered.”

(Charles Sadler) – “The villagers believe the places deep in the woods are sacred, so we will stay overnight in the hostel there and check out the caves tomorrow. We do not want to make them upset, so we told them we are only travelers.”

Day 2Edit

(Edward Cardwell) – “Entering the main caverm turned out to be quite easy The entrance made me climb up my entire length, but that was not a hindrance. Penetrating deeper became harder because of the wet and slippery stones below our feet.”

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