Birthname Hyo
Gender male
Race Hvetshran
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour unknown
Height unknown

Hyo was a male Hvetshran who lived in the ninth century, and the founding leader of the Ifřoy clan. He travelled along with the part of the American clan that moved to South-America. When he decided to split off this group, he had only a small group of followers with him. Around five years after he settled in Central-America as leader of Ifřoy, Hyo became ill. When his condition became grave, he passed the clan leadership on to his kin.


Hyo was born in North-America. He married with a girl whose mother was an immigrant from a Russian clan, possibly Sthn. With her, he got three children. When part of the clan travelled southwards, Hyo had just lost his wife. With his two youngest children, he moved to South-America. Only Mayn however stayed with him when he decided they had been travelling long enough and wanted to found Ifřoy.

Founding Ifřoy, Hyo played especially a role in building the clan from scratch in only five years. At his age, this however put a big toll on his health and he soon became ill. Because his condition continued aggravating, Hyo passed the clan leadership over to Mayn only a year later.

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