Ifřoy is a clan that existed in Central-America in the ninth century. The founding leader was Hyo, who decided to split off from a group of American Hvetshran travelling southwards. Since the part that stayed in the Mexican region did not grow bigger than around thirty members however, it had to disband after only a century of existence.



When a group of later Riex and Køan members was travelling south, a number of them found the trip too longweary and wanted to settle down. Hyo took the initiative to finally split up from the main group and decided to stay in Central-America. A few dozen people stayed at his side.

Hyo remained clan leader for the next six years, but played a key role in building up Ifřoy's settlements. Only around five years after Hyo had founded this small clan, he however became ill. When his situation worsened, he passed the clan leadership on to Mayn, the only child that had stayed with him instead of moving southwards.


For the next few decades, Ifřoy served a role as passage, a place where Hvetshran who moved between north and south, could rest.

Notable clan membersEdit

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