Being ill or wounded, or even weak in general, is seen as being in a semi-transcendent state in Hvetshran society, in between being material and spiritual. This results in a specific behavior towards people who are not or no longer in full health.

Semi-transcendent positionEdit

Having a semi-transcendent position means that one is being pulled into the world of the dead. At the same time, he or she gets a chance to stay in the world of the living, and has the task to bringing some of the transcendence of the spiritual world into this world.

Like a paper screen, every action, gesture or word may pass on from one world to another, filtered by what the individual in this position lets through. What is let through is not decided by this individual, but they can limit what the spiritual world can pull or push through: they pick what is sent through, but their choice is narrowed down, to what the ill or wounded person wants.

At the same time, Hvetshran believe that through this person, their behavior will be projected into the spiritual world, and that the beings of the spiritual world can thus observe their actions. This image might also be the one kept in spiritual world if their soul would go wandering after death instead of going over. Therefore, spending time with the sick and wounded will establish a connection between the wandering soul and the spiritual world.



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