Birthname Kaan
Gender female
Race Hvetshran
Mother Gæh
Father Qiåe
Siblings older sibling
younger twins
Born 8th century
Clan Sthn
Scale colour black with golden sparkles
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour brown-red
Height unknown

Kaan was a female Hvetshran from Sthn who lived in the eighth century. She was the youngest child of Qiåe and Gæh, but her parents had lost their second child before she was born, and one half of the twins that came after when Kaan was still young.

Kaan grew up with a rather unstable health, but was known for being very smart both when she was a child and as a grown-up. This and the fact that she was considered a beauty, caused her to marry Mnař, the second son of the leader. When Mnař became leader soon after, Kaan was by his side to assist him with clan-supportive as strategical battle and hunting advice.

The clan leader's wife did not instantly become pregnant, but she did get two young Hvetshran to school. Whether or not Kaan found this task enjoyable, she carried out the task responsibly. A few years later however, when she was finally expecting her first child, she became ill and deceased in mid-autumn in the third month of her pregnancy.


Kaan had a black scaled skin, with golden sparkles that became more visible in high summer, but were present in winter as well. She had brown-red eyes, about the colour of rust or red sand.

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