Birthname Khora
Gender female
Race Hvetshran
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Born 13th century, Slovakia
Died 13th century, Ukraine/Russia
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour unknown
Height unknown

Khora is a female Hvetshran who lived in the thirteenth century. She got along fairly well with Treh during the time he was in their group. 


Early lifeEdit

Khora originally came from a Slovakian clan, that she was kicked out of because of her lack of discipline in studying, as well as her disrespectful attitude towards her fellow clan members and elders.


For the last four years of her life, Khora lead a small group of Hvetshran in Russia together with Shüzern, who she had a turbulent relationship with. They did not call themselves a clan, as they were too small to be called such, did not travel around consequently, and the diversity of their members, who all were of about the same age category, was not very wide.

At age twenty, she died on the border between Ukraine and Russia, in a fight with Shüzern over the rights of a prey they had caught. The two young leaders of the group disagreed on who had made the final blow and killed the deer, during a hunt in the winter. This fight was won by Shüzern, but he was no longer able to eat his prize, as he died of his wounds shortly after.


Before Khora died, she had told Treh that he would be the most suitable as a leader if Shüzern and she decided to go a different course than the group, whether it being literal or moving over to the world of the dead. Thanks to this statement.