Marriage is the bond between preferably two, and possibly three, Hvetshran individuals, created through a ritual tying together. It is not an exhaustive ceremonial procedure, like in human society, but it goes along with festivities involving the partners' families and often even the entire clan.

Premarital actionsEdit

Contrary to what human beings do, it is rather uncommon for Hvetshran to have a premarital relationship. As a marriage is usually regarded as the start of a new phase of one's life, a lot of people only start their love relationship with someone when they propose to them. 


The ritual of tying the partners together is being taken rather literally, as the fathers of the involved parties have to create a rope with wires in the colour of the partner's scales. During the ritual, the 

Master of the ritualEdit

Strangely enough, the master of the ritual is not a clan elder. Mostly, the ritual is performed by one of the young adults of the clan. This person is preferably out of his or her puberty and still unmarried, as well as either of a quite high position within the clan or close with at least one of partners. This may be, for instance, the following,

  • Young clan leader; clan leader's children
  • Student of a religious figure
  • Child of one of the partners' teacher – this may be their sibling

Course of the ritualEdit



Main article: bigamy

Apart from marrying one person, it is also possible to marry two. It is a taboo to propose to an already married person, so bigamy is only done either by marrying two people from the start, or in the case the married partners are the proposing party.

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