A matriarchy is a type of clan hierarchy in which the female clan members take the dominant or important roles, such as clan leader. In a matriarchy, most of the clan officials will be female. The male counterpart to this type of hierarchy is called a patriarchy

Division of the tasksEdit

Planning a huntEdit

One of the tasks that is certainly for females to fill in in a matriarchy, is planning a hunt. However, as females in general are considered better at gathering food, this job is often held by a female as well even when the clan is of mixed or moderately patriarchic alignment.


Proposing to an opposite-sex clan member is one of the roles that show which gender is dominant in a clan. In very matriarchic clans, it is almost taboo for a male Hvetshran to propose to a female. In other matriarchic clans, this is just unusual or uncommon to do, or frowned upon at worst.


One of the common misconceptions of the division between matriarchy and patriarchy is that it would be directly related to the gender proportions. After all, the gender ratio in a clan fluctuates much easier and faster than the male – female dominance shifts.

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