Birthname Mayn
Gender female
Race Hvetshran
Mother unknown
Father Hyo
Born 9th century, North-America
Died Ifřoy
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour unknown
Height unknown

Mayn is a female Hvetshran and the daughter of Hyo. She was her father's successor in the role of clan leader in Ifřoy.


Early ageEdit

Mayn was born in North-America, like her parents and her two older siblings. When the clan split up, she was still rather young but her mother was already deceased. Together with Hyo and the youngest of her siblings, the family moved on towards South-America.

The trip southwards was difficult for Mayn, as she soon hit puberty. It also became increasingly harder for her father, who had started the family at a rather late age and was now feeling the first troubles of aging. Therefore, Hyo made the decision to stay in Central-America.

Even though Mayn was the only child who stayed at her father's side, she did not fully support his decision to found the clan Ifřoy, as it further split up their family. Throughout his leadership however, she came to appreciate and agree with his decision, and did not ask him to pass the position on even when she noticed it was taking a heavy toll on his health.


Mayn is a historical figure, not a role-playing character.

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