Birthname Mnař
Gender male
Race Hvetshran
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Siblings Tkul (younger brother)
Partner(s) Kaan
Clan Sthn
Scale colour bronze, brown
Hair colour gold
Eye colour blue
Height 190cm

Mnař was a male Hvetshran and a clan leader of Sthn in the eighth century. His wife Kaan, however, had a rather weak health and did not give him children in the first years after they had married. When she was finally pregnant, she became ill and deceased in late autumn, in the third month of her pregnancy.

Because of that, Mnař passed the leadership of Sthn on to his brother Tkul, to travel southwards. He remained unmarried for the next ten years, despite the fact that he never really became a solitary Hvetshran. He usually asked for where the next clans were located and moved almost directly from one clan to another.


Mnař was 190cm tall when he was full-grown, which was fairly short for a male adult. He however had a muscular build and was a hard worker, which made up for this and convinced his clan members that he was a strong and good leader. Mnař's Hvetshran skin was bronze and his hair was gold. His eyes were blue.

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