Otkåü was the clan leader of Sthn from around 1180 to around 1210. He was heavily wounded during a fight with humans before the clan moved morth northwards, and died in a hunt five years later.


Otkåü's father died when he was only three years old, and one of the clan's main huntresses decided to temporarily take up the task until Otkåü or his newborn sister were old enough and fit for the task. When this time came, Otkåü deemed his sister more responsible, but she preferred to move southwards in search for a new clan.

Otkåü was thus made clan leader at age twenty-three, which made him have to choose a partner soon. Two years later, he married both huntress Æmnok and the younger Siuya. Even though it was rumoured Otkåü had been having a relationship with Æmnok before their marriage already, Siuya was the first to become pregnant and give him a child.


Otkåü is a historical figure, not a role-playing character.

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