Name Riex
Type clan
Variety forest
Status active
Location Amazon forest (S. America)
Clans Ifřoy (formerly)
Inhabitants Hvetshran
Population approx. 110
 Minimum 60
 Maximum 120
Founded late 9th century

Riex is a clan in America which has been around from around the early middle ages. Apart from Køan, it is one of the only two active clans in South America. Since the trip across the continent is quite long, people of Riex do not usually travel to another clan on their own. Instead, they do it in small groups.



Riex was part of the group that split off Ciun, the clan in North America, to move southwards. When members of this group settled down in the Amazon forest in late ninth century, they also still had strong ties with the newly founded Central-American clan Ifřoy.

When it was founded, Riex had slightly less members than Køan. With the disbandment of Ifřoy, the situation was balanced out and later on, the number of clan members further uncreased as it became the pivot for Køan and Řøzaer members to travel to each other's clans.

Decrease of territoryEdit

Due to the human invasion of the Amazon forest in the latest few centuries, members of Riex have deemed it necessary to take counter-measures against the decrease of their hunting grounds. More than the Amazon wildlife, hvetshranologists call Riex one of the causes of human disparition in Brazil and Argentina.

Notable clan membersEdit

  • Wuhn (ninth century)