Schooling or education in Hvetshran society, quhr in Hvetshrenu, does not happen through an institution and is not linked to a specific place. Rather, it is linked to the specific people that schools the pre-adolescent Hvetshran: clan elders, their parents or anyone in their environment that takes a position of respect. It usually consists of learning rhythmic texts by heart and reciting these, often with accompanied by a specific sequence of movements.

Schooling careerEdit

A Hvetshran's schooling career usually starts at age four or five, when they are expected to have mastered Hvetshrenu to a minimum degree and to be able to consciously converse in their own language. Often someone of their clan approaches the parents to request their child to be schooled, or when this does not happen the parents themselves decide to start schooling the child. As soon as a the teacher-student relation has been established, it is usually not broken until the death of one of the parties or unless a superior of the teaching person judges that there is severe abuse ongoing. If no one is superior to the child's teacher, occasionally he or she is overthrown or killed in order to break an abusive relationship, half of the cases even by the student him/herself. Abuse however is uncommon, as well as it is ignored by the community in nine cases out of ten.

A Hvetshran's career can be roughly divided into two periods of several years. A break or period or lesser education is inserted a couple of years before their estimated puberty, in order to focus on their hunting and fighting abilities, to get them at a decent level before the weakness hits. After puberty, the schooling is quit entirely and the individual is regarded to be more or less at full ability. However, until old age they are expected to still acquire new experience.

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