Birthname Shyar
Gender female
Race Hvetshran
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Partner(s) Khart
Born 10th century
Clan Sthn
Lifestyle clan
Scale colour indigo blue
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour azure
Height unknown

Shyar was a female Hvetshran who lived at the start of the tenth century. She later became clan leader of the Russian clan Sthn, and married both Khart and Xyuln.


Shyar's father was one of the primary hunters in the clan. When she was young, he had taught her to become a good huntress. After killing a vampire who had sneaked into the clan's living area at night, the then-clan leader noticed her as a potential successor.

Shyar married the clan leader's son Khart, to give her a headstart and avoid further rivalry for clan leadership. At this time, Sthn had more males than females, thus Shyar later also married Xyuln, a silver-skinned Hvetshran male whom she had set her eye on.


Shyar had an indigo blue skin and azure eyes, a trait that she most likely inherited for being of Tkul's descent. For this she was unofficially nicknamed Lueshyar (Blue Shyar, a pun on lue xiar which means blue queen), but she was never actually given the legendary bisyllabic name.


Shyar is a historical figure, not a role-playing character.

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