Solitary Hvetshran, unofficially also called wanderers, are Hvetshran who live a fully independent life, away from both the clan and the human society. This life style is usually taken on by people who have already went through their puberty, though it is not uncommon for children to separate from their clan as well.

Most who take the decision to live as a wanderer only follow the life style for a couple of years. They return to their old clan, or find a new clan to settle down in. Usually, solitary life is merely a phase in between living with one clan and another, or in between life in a clan and urban environment or vice versa.

Traveller or wanderer?Edit

In some cases, it is hard to distinguish travellers from wanderers. Solitary Hvetshran however purposefully take up a wanderer lifestyle, usually for several years or decades. If their solitary phase ends because they find a clan to live in, this was not their main goal. Whereas travllers are consciously in search of a new home alongside other Hvetshran, solitary Hvetshran feel perfectly fine on their own and only change their lifestyle when they feel the need to.

Known solitary HvetshranEdit