Birthname Tamnun
Gender male
Race Hvetshran
Mother Disqer
Father unknown
Born 16th century in Ceŋkø
Died in Japan
Hair colour unknown
Eye colour unknown
Height unknown

Tamnun is a Hvetshran male who lived in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century. He is known for succesfully sneaking his way into a Portuguese ship to Japan to look for his friend Kliyo. In his birth clan on the other hand, he is not regarded a significant historical figure.


Years in CeŋkøEdit

Tamnun was originally a Hvetshran from the clan Ceŋkø, where he was born as the son of an unmarried female, Disqer. Soon after his birth, their fellow clan members found out that Tamnun was the bastard of a married warrior. Disqer was stripped off any status and her family regarded her as a disgrace as well. Even though she became ill, she waited for Tamnun to be old enough to travel before she decided to move to another clan. 

When Tamnun was four, his mother left Ceŋkø and started travelling around. Twice, they were almost discovered by humans, and they stayed for short periods in different clans, where however no one would accept them for Disqer's past. Eventually, they end up in the clan Blaux, where Sreuhi, much to the disapproval of his wife, accepted the boy and even adopted him after Disqer's death. 


When the news arrived that Kliyo had crossed the sea to Hokkaido and was now in Japan, Tamnun travelled to Portugal with Røtyek to look for her. He moved to Japan in his search for his friend Kliyo, who he eventually found, and died there at old age.




Tamnun is a historical figure, not a role-play character.

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