Wuhn was a male Hvetshran from America who lived in the ninth century. He was the oldest son and second child of Hyo, later clan leader of Ifřoy.


Wuhn was born in North America in Řøzaer, but travelled southwards along with his father and younger sister Mayn. Soon after their departure, he hit puberty and started having difficulties travelling. It was only when Wuhn's sister and father started having difficulties too however, that Hyo took the decision to not go any further. Wuhn never told his father so, but did not take this choice lightly.

While Hyo and Mayn stayed in Central America to found Ifřoy, Wuhn continued southwards. He eventually stuck around with the group of Hvetshran in the Amazon forest who later became Riex, while the rest of the group travelled further to become Køan. Years after having started a family, Wuhn succeeded Tæg as clan leader.


Wuhn is not a role-playing character, but a historical figure.

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