Birthname Xuðař
Gender female
Race hybrid, vampire
Mother Hvetshran
Father human
Scale colour dark gold
Hair colour black, with red and gold
Eye colour crimson (originally amber)
Height unknown

Xuðař was a female hybrid from a human father and a Hvetshran mother. At later age, she however was bitten by a vampire and fled from her clan.


It is not known whether Xuðař's mother copulated with a human male willingly or not, but when her clan found out, the man was captured and eaten alive. The woman became introverted since, and even after the birth of her daughter, it was Xuðař's uncle who had to give her the name because her mother would not speak.

Xuðař was a silent baby and a silent child, since she was virtually isolated from the clan along with her mother, who was proposed to by a clan member once or twice but did not respond to it. Because no one seemed to mind, Xuðař liked to travel far from the clan, often staying away for weeks.

She entered and exited puberty at a rather early age. Even though she was still not much of a talker and slept under bare sky most of the time, almost ignoring her mother's existence, she became an average huntress.

When she was travelling for a longer time again at age 24, she went to visit a distantly related clan in Romania. On her way back however, during a hunt, she got into the way of a vampire who was also in search of food there. This resulted into a fight and Xuðař ended up being bitten.

Because of this, Xuðař transformed into a Hvetshran-vampire hybrid. She never returned to her home clan. Not much is known about the rest of her life. She was last spotted in India, where a local monk later linked her appearance with two persons that went missing in the east of the country.


Xuðař has black hair with a mix of red and golden highlights. Her skin colour is dark gold as well. Her eyes were originally amber, but became crimson after she was vampirised.